Vital Connections

“My physical therapist recommended I see Danielle for unresolved, chronic plantar fasciitis, lower back issues and tight leg muscles.  Since I began working with Danielle I have noticed improvement with these issues and am impressed with her unique, effective techniques.  I have had massage often in the past, and Danielle’s nuanced, intuitive, thoughtful approach is special.  Her ability to tailor each session to my current needs makes a huge difference.  She encourages me to participate in the process through deep breathing and directed movements.  Danielle is a true healer and I am greateful to have found her!”

Judy, Rochester NH

“Danielle’s ability to transform my body to its full function after a massage is invaluable. I am in my 40’s and hit the gym hard daily. She is able to work out my knots, melt my tension, and promotes full relaxation. She is knowledgeable in how the body is supposed to function and puts her skills to work. I highly recommend Danielle if you are seeking a bodywork therapist!”

Jen, Kittery ME

“Danielle is a master massage therapist.  She came highly recommended from a physical therapy organization. With Danielle every session is different.  There is always something new, whether it is a new technique or her own ideas about how to work with the body.  Danielle is a creative, quality therapist who truly puts her heart and soul into her work!”

Chris, Dover NH

“I walked into my session with excruciating heel and foot pain.  I walked out of my session with no pain and much greater mobility in my foot and ankle.  I loved the new neurovascular techniques, Danielle – very effective!”

Jennifer, Madbury NH

“I went to see Danielle for the first time in the beginning of my pregnancy for a prenatal massage. She immediately became a crucial part of my self care routine as her massages are so relaxing and her energy is calming. After a massage I leave feeling tranquil and rejuvenated. I have continued my work with her post pregnancy and would highly recommend anyone looking for a pre or postnatal massage see her. Danielle is so kind and knowledgeable.  I have realized how important self care really is when your life is devoted to taking care of another little human.  Thank you!”


“Danielle, I wanted to say thank you for making me feel so much better.  This is the first time in years that my jaw has been free of pain. My shoulders and back feel amazing as well, all from just one session! "


“Danielle is a wonderful massage and bodywork professional. I found her website and thought immediately this is the one. I went to her initially due to lower back and leg issues, but she has helped me also with my feet, shoulders, hips and neck along with teaching me how to properly stretch out and handle muscle soreness. I understand my body much better than before and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Gary B.

“I began seeing Danielle about a year ago for chronic pain issues, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Simply put, she is exceptionally good at what she does.
I've led a very active lifestyle, and as a result have fractured over a dozen bones, including several vertebrae, and have had four surgeries.  I know I'll never be completely pain free, especially since arthritis has started to appear at the fracture sites, but Danielle gets me pretty close. She carefully listens as I describe what is bothering me the most that particular day, and she then uses a variety of massage techniques to address it.  As she works she sometimes finds problem areas I wasn't even aware of that are contributing to the pain.  She seems to adjust her technique as she goes along to best address whatever she finds.  In other words, and I guess most importantly, Danielle does not do a "cookie cutter" therapeutic massage. Aside from feeling great when I get off her massage table, I'm as close to being pain free as I'll likely ever be. I highly recommend Danielle.”


“Hi Danielle, I can't thank you enough for the massage today. The entire lower half of my body feels completely different. Connected, grounded, energized -  free. You truly have a gift.
I will book my next appointment online and will be sure to share your practice with my clients and friends.”

Janice B.
Dover, NH

“Hi Danielle!  We moved to Texas after having the baby for my husband’s job, and I just wanted to tell you that I have been to many massage therapists but have not found anyone as good as you!  I’m expecting another baby and the prenatal massages I’m getting cannot compare to the ones you gave me.  Just wanted to say Big Thanks and hopefully if I’m in the area again I will book a massage with you.  Thank you Danielle!” 

Sara D.

“On the day I had a massage with Danielle, I was preparing for a singing audition. I was nervous, and I told Danielle my intention for the day was to relax and enjoy singing for the audition committee. Danielle reinforced my intention with a soothing meditation at the beginning of the massage, instilling confidence and calm. She suggested that I focus on relaxing my body from head to my toes both during the massage and later in the day if I felt tense. I came out of the massage feeling renewed, much more relaxed and more positive about my upcoming audition. I felt that Danielle’s many skills prepared me for my challenge. The outcome of the day was that I not only got one singing solo. I got two! Thanks for your contribution, Danielle!”

Liz M.
Stratham, NH

“I have been seeing Danielle for prenatal massages monthly and they have been wonderful and very relaxing. I’ve been having some hip pain with my pregnancy and she has focused on these areas. She even gave me a couple of tips on how to keep my hips and lower back loose to avoid more pain. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere. I also appreciate being able to make appointments online. It will be an hour well spent. I highly recommend her!” 

Sara D.
Durham, NH

“For years, I ignored my own needs in deference to work, home responsibilities or other work-type activities.   A number of years ago, I first experienced a therapeutic massage, and for several years I went to about four or five practitioners.  Each had a different style or “touch,” but something seemed to be missing.  Then I met Danielle through a referral from my then-physical therapist.   Reflecting on our first session, I realized the difference.  Danielle seemed to sense, almost instinctively, where she needed to adjust her routine to target appropriate muscles with increased attention.  After my recent hip replacement, she listened to my concerns and changed her routine by, for example, using pressure and range of motion to help increase blood flow to muscles atrophied by hours of inactivity at a rehab facility.  Her work has helped me a great deal on my road to recovery.  Danielle provides individualized attention and a very effective massage.  I highly recommend Danielle and her practice.”

Dover, NH

“I really look forward to my massages with Danielle. She is a gifted professional who does amazing work to relieve any tension and pain I have in my body. I always leave feeling so much better. I highly recommend Danielle!”

Pat S.
Dover, NH

“Since I had shoulder surgery (3+ years ago), pain had been developing in multiple areas making it nearly impossible to get through my work day without developing a severe headache. Shoulder, neck, back, and head pain were all too familiar. I wasn’t able to exercise without causing aggravation to my headaches, and the pain began to spiral from there. Finding Danielle was one of the most important steps in my recovery. I started getting massages twice a week for a few months, then once a week, and so on. Danielle also suggested yoga as part of my rehabilitation plan.  Now, 8 or so months later, I only need massages about once a month! I am much more mobile, the headaches and neck pain are gone, and I am now able to exercise regularly without pain.

Danielle has been such a pivotal part of my progression. She listens to my problems, provides relevant suggestions on posture, exercise, etc., and provides a peaceful, amazing massage experience that I will continue to benefit from.”

Kittery, ME

“I am now in my mid fifties, and the physical work that I do around the horse barn has caught up with me in regards to lower back, neck
and shoulder aches.  I have been searching for someone who does a broad-spectrum of bodywork, something more than just massage.  Finding
Danielle and the bodywork she has done on me using Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Myofascial Release has been profound on my day to day functioning. This has also greatly improved my equestrian riding as it is very important to be loose and limber while on my horse, any tension or tightness directly correlates down and through to the horse.

I highly recommend Danielle¹s gift and specialties in some of the most comprehensive bodywork that will help anyone recover and/or maintain
function and flexibility.”

Laura K.
Chester, NH

“Hi Danielle,
I thought you would like to know that there has been a noticeable improvement with my plantar fasciitis since the massage.  It has been over 2 months and the plantar fascia is now a non-issue, so good work!”

Phil H.

"Since returning to regular visits with Danielle in January, my physical condition has improved significantly. I suffered from severe muscle spasms in my shoulders and mid-back as well as sciatic discomfort. Danielle has addressed all of these issues in a thoughtful and effective manner. Our sessions always begin with a discussion on my current physical well-being and that day’s massage is always geared towards addressing the current issues. Increased range of motion and pain relief are always achieved after each visit. Danielle is also very helpful with exercise suggestions to assist in the continued therapy of the problem areas between visits.

Danielle truly cares about her client’s well-being. She wants to fully understand the problem areas and consistently uses different techniques and sequences to not only correct the problem, but to also make each massage different than the last. I would highly recommend Danielle as your massage therapist. Even though most of my original physical issues have been corrected through Danielle’s great work, I still maintain regular visits with her as part of my overall fitness regimen."


Kingston, NH

"Dear Danielle,

I can't thank you enough for the joy and centeredness you've helped me connect with during my pregnancy.  You truly bring healing and beauty to your work, and it has helped me so much to be able to work with you during these special months of my life."


"At 47, I hadn’t been able to jog as part of my regular fitness routine for about 2 years due to acute hip pain.  Even biking for long periods was making my hip sore.  Danielle recommended I try some Thai Yoga Massage with her.  I have to admit, I was skeptical but open minded.  After about 6 sessions, I was able to jog again.  My goal was to incorporate jogging into my routine again, and we have achieved that goal.  I have been jogging and biking pain free for several weeks now!  Thai Yoga Massage has improved my flexibility and helped me to stay active.  Thanks Danielle!"


"I first began massage therapy over 10 years ago, as part of my rehabilitation plan following hip replacement surgery.

Recently I was introduced to Thai Yoga Massage by Danielle Ouimette, and very quickly noticed improvement in overall reduction of pain and muscle stress after exercising.  The Thai Yoga Massage work has also improved my range of motion and made stretching activities more comfortable.  I can now exercise longer without pain, which has led to wonderful changes in my overall health.  I have Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure, and both my glucose levels and blood pressure numbers have lowered since I began Thai Yoga Massage!

I would encourage anyone with a desire to maintain body flexibility and improved physical condition entering the “over 65” years to experience the Thai Yoga Massage with Danielle."


Durham, NH

"I went to Danielle due to sharp and continuous pain in my neck and shoulders.  I was unable to lift more than a few pounds and was having trouble doing most of the exercises in my regular excercise class.  In addition to those recent problems, I mentioned to her that I had experienced carpal tunnel and/or a pinched nerve for several years, so I was unable to sleep or lean on either side for more than a few minutes - this despite being seen by a doctor and undergoing the prescribed three month physical therapy regime a few years ago.  After one session with Danielle, the neck and shoulder pain was greatly reduced.  After two more sessions all of the neck and shoulder pain was gone, and the other symptoms were diminished to the point that I have been able to sleep on either side for up to 30 minutes!  I have continued to improve for the last three weeks and I am back to normal in my exercise class."  

Kingston, NH

“Following a summer of triathlon training and years of physical activity without enough stretching, my neck, shoulders, and back had gotten so tight that I couldn’t turn my head to the left enough to see over my shoulder.  I had persistent pain in my neck and shoulder blades when cycling and swimming, and when on the computer.  In just the first massage session, Danielle was able to improve my mobility and decrease the pain.  With additional work, Danielle was able to bring back a range of motion I haven’t had in years!  I look forward to continued work with her to keep things well tuned.  Thanks Danielle!”

Elizabeth M. Ransom, P.G.


"I first visited Danielle over a year ago for massage therapy sessions, to relieve stress in my shoulders and back, which were brought on by stressful line cook work.  I then realized that she could help with my illiotibial band, a tendon that was causing pain around my right hip, and had been a problem for over 3 years.  She came up with a specialized stretching/exercise plan for me to follow at home, and during our visits she worked on relieving tension in the fascia around the affected area.

I then returned to Danielle for treatment of lower back pain from a pinched nerve, mild scoliosis, right shoulder pain and a further look at my IT band.  She used craniosacral therapy and after six sessions we were on the right track.  She connected and released lines of tension in my body and after two more visits I felt no more pain in any of my body!

Danielle helped balance my body and relieve me from pain that was affecting my sleep and work.  Her unique, gentle techniques and honest interest in the well being of her clients goes unmatched.  After seeing several doctors, I can truly say she was the most helpful and the best person I could have seen for my medical issues.  I recommend her for anyone seeking a patient, personable, dedicated healer who won't give up on you!

Thanks a million Danielle!"

Britni White

Portsmouth, NH 

An email in regards to treatment for a neck and shoulder injury that had left Kevin unable to turn his head or reach forward without sharp pain:

"Hi Danielle,
First of all, thank you very much for treating me yesterday. I don't have any hestitation to turn my head and reach out with my hands after the first treatment. It was amazing.  I definitely will come back and refer others if they are seeking a good therapist."


Portsmouth, NH

"I called Danielle in an "emergency" situation.  I had strained my neck the week before, and began to feel throbbing pain in the back of my head, neck, and even into my jaw.  The pain got worse over the next couple days, and felt like the worst headache I had ever had.  My doctor told me that massage might help to dissipate the tension in my neck and relieve the headache.

The next day, Danielle worked on me with massage and craniosacral therapy and was able to relax the tension and muscle knots in my neck and upper back.  Now my headache is completely gone!  The day after my massage the pain had subsided about 50% and felt more like a regular headache.  The following day it was very light until about 2pm when it completely went away and hasn't been back since.  Thank you very much for helping me Danielle, I really appreciate it."

Douglas Greve

Berwick, ME

"I have been seeing Danielle for an unusual muscle condition on my back and shoulder blades. Last fall I was rear-ended while driving on the highway, and although I recovered fairly fast, I had lost a good deal of my muscle mass in my back. I shoot archery competitively, and found myself unable to draw back my bow properly. In my efforts to rebuild my muscle mass, I overdid things, and found my scapula muscles were so built up that they were pinching nerves, causing random but persistent itching sensations in the shoulder blades.

Danielle has a background in sports, and was able to work with me to release the pinching of the nerves. Over several sessions of massage, combined with stretching and exercise assignments, I can now say I am trouble-free and once-again competitive in my sport. I don’t believe just any Massage Therapist would have gotten me back in tune with my body so quickly, nor even understood how important it was for me to make as much improvement as possible in a short amount of time. Danielle possesses a keen awareness of what my body needed at every stage of recovery."

Jim Spillane
Deerfield, NH

"Nearly two years ago, I started massage therapy with Danielle Ouimette to treat chronic neck and shoulder pain.  The deep tissue massage and home exercises that Danielle taught me have virtually eliminated my pain.  I have been very pleased with the results and highly recommend Danielle as a massage therapist."

N. Brown

"I have been seeing Danielle Ouimette for over a year and my results have been amazing. I build homes for a living and the demands placed on my body and mind is overwhelming at times. I would be very sore at the end of a workday and wake up the next morning feeling even worse.  My mother encouraged me to see Danielle, raving about the benefits of massage. I was a bit skeptical at first, wondering if massage would really help improve my physical conditioning and relax my mind.

After a couple of sessions I was feeling more relaxed and the aches and pains were subsiding. I was still feeling sore upon waking in the morning, so she asked me a series of questions about my daily routine and diet to try to pinpoint the source of my soreness. Danielle suggested increasing my daily water intake, and found that I wasn’t stretching, which compounded my problems.

Danielle spent her free time to develop a stretching routine that was quick and effective and the results are amazing. Just ten minutes of stretching in the morning is all I need to warm up my body and give me time to plan my day. Taking the time for massage was the best thing I’ve done for my career and my health. Danielle’s professionalism and expertise is exceptional and I would definitely recommend her talents to anyone looking to better their health and lives."

Douglas Greve
Berwick, ME