Make the Most of Your Session

Drink LOTS of Water

Massage releases metabolic wastes and toxins from your muscles and tissues. It is important to flush these from your body by drinking at least an extra 1 liter of water after your massage (other beverages do not substitute).  This will prevent post-treatment soreness and improve the efficiency of your body's healing process.

Reduce Soreness with Ice

Deep tissue work creates therapeutic inflammation to promote healing in the tissues. You may experience soreness the next day, but the soreness will subside and is followed by improved muscle function. At home, use ice packs and ice massage on areas where deep work was applied to help prevent soreness.
Follow Your Massage Therapist’s Guidelines

We often give our clients recommendations and therapeutic exercises that will help their conditions to improve and to maintain good health. Always listen to your own body as you implement my suggestions, and never continue to do something if it causes pain.
Feel Free to Call

Please contact us anytime if you have questions or concerns!