Vital Connections
Hot Stone Massage

  Hot Stone Massage takes advantage of the deep penetrating heat of the earth to relax muscle tissue and encourage healing.  The therapeutic power of hot stones has been used for centuries by Native American, Scandanavian, and Asian cultures to alleviate pain, relieve stress, and improve digestion, as well as for spiritual purposes. 


For Hot Stone Massage treatments we use basalt stones, lava stones that were formed in ancient times by volcanic activity and then smoothed by the action of rivers and oceans.

We begin our treatments by placing hot stones on key areas of the body to encourage heat flow and circulation.  We use the remaining hot stones to massage and penetrate deeply and effortlessly into the muscle tissue.

Hot Stone massage imparts many benefits to the client, on both the physical and spiritual levels.  Clients may look forward to increased range of motion in joints, reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, removal of metabolic waste from tissues, as well as experience a special connection to the earth through the stones.