Vital Connections
Deep Tissue & Muscle Release

At Vital Connections Massage & Bodywork, deep tissue massage is a relaxing experience.  Deep tissue massage works gradually through the layers of tissue in the body to release longstanding patterns of tension.  

By working slowly, layer by layer, and listening to subtle cues from the muscle tissue, we ensure an effective and painless experience for the client.  Muscle knots unwind and scar tissue adhesions release in response to deep tissue massage.  Techniques often include trigger point therapy, cross-fiber friction, and Muscle Release Technique to address specific areas of injury or tension. 

Muscle Release Technique works to release chronic muscular pain, joint pain, and soft-tissue injury. It releases muscles from painful binding patterns and restores proper muscle function quickly and with long-lasting results.
Our massage therapist, Danielle Ouimette, uses precise positioning of the client coupled with breathwork, extension and compression along the muscle fibers. This restores muscle memory and range of motion, breaks up scar tissue adhesions, and lengthens the muscle to a normal, healthy state.  Danielle will create a specific at-home maintenance program that allows you to maintain your body in a renewed, healthy state.